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Holiday Spending

Sleighing the Holiday Debt Mindset

CalendarNovember 13, 2023


Join Michele Enriquez and special guest Veronica Dangerfield, Patelco’s Senior Financial Well-Being Educator, as they tackle the financial stress of the holiday season. Veronica shares practical tips to shift your mindset, normalize conversations about gift-giving, and create intentional, memorable experiences. Say goodbye to the pressure of overspending and embrace a joyous, financially compassionate holiday season. Tune in and sleigh your holiday debt mindset!

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Student Loans

Beyond the Pause: Exploring Student Loan Repayment

CalendarNovember 8, 2023


In this episode of ‘Small Talks for Big Change,’ join us as we dive into the post-pandemic landscape of student loans. As the pause on student loan payments comes to an end, we explore the challenges, changes, and newfound hope surrounding this financial topic. Our experts, Andrew and Kristi, share insights on navigating student loans, discuss repayment plans, and the evolving landscape of student loan forgiveness.

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Building Credit

ScoreUp: Building Credit, One Payment at a Time

CalendarOctober 19, 2023


In this episode of Small Talks for Big Change, 来自Patelco信用合作社的Michele Enriquez和Mel Murguia讨论了信用评分的重要性. They introduce ScoreUp, a unique credit-building product, and explain how it can benefit members. ScoreUp is a flexible solution that helps establish positive credit history and grow savings, regardless of credit scores. Tune in to learn more about this innovative tool at watchwandavision.com/SCOREUP.

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